Derrick “Suede” Stout performs LIVE at Primo 11/19/16


Derrick “Suede” Stout is a very versatile self-taught multi-instrumentalist. He has been writing and performing his own music for the last 30 years. His vocal styling, uses the best of Elvis was well as crooning like Sinatra. He’s composed over 1000 musical pieces and produced music for major motion pictures, T.V. including HBO’s True Blood and commercials and has sold over 120,000 CDs. As a seasoned record producer he just completed his 115 album for Vocalist Susie D’Lux entitled Revere. In the last few years he & his players have performed with such musicians as Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Sting, and have been members of such bands as Garbage, Brian Wilson, Filter, & Smashing Pumpkins, just to name a few.